Other Services

Training Services

We offer a wide range of training and man power development service in the following area: Accounting, Auditing, Human Resources, General Management, ICT, Secretariat, Works, Services and Maintenance, Purchasing and Stores Management, Security and Safety, Banking, Oil and Gas, Insurance, Taxation, Legal and others.


Audit Services

  • Statutory audits in accordance with the requirements of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 and in line with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.
  • Execution of forensic audits
  • Carry out special investigations when required
  • Staff audits and management performance reviews.
  • Value for Money (VfM): Achieving value for money and continuous improvement remains a fundamental business strategy for Alpha Partners and we have strengthened and deepened our approach for this service.


Accounting Services

  • Design and implementation of Accounting Systems and Manuals etc
  • Maintenance and Supervision of efficient accounting systems etc
  • Writing up and maintenance of accounting and statutory books
  • Computerization and accounting system development
  • Preparation/Compilation of financial statements and reports
  • Financial Consultancy Services and provision of financial information, reconciliation of accounts and follow-ups and resolution of issues.


Tax Consultancy

Handling of all taxation and related matters on behalf of client companies and acting as tax advisers. We maintain excellent relationships with various tax departments and are usually aware of the products and requirements of the tax authorities, which enables us to maximize tax benefits for our clients.


Special Investigation

Special Investigations for particular purposes e.g. Financial Security Reviews and Pre-lending Investigations/Reviews for Banks and Financial Institutions. Also, we act as reporting accountants for share issues.


Management Advisory Services

Preparation of feasibility studies, mergers and acquisitions. Estimating funds requirements, choice of capital structure, optimal utilization of funds and working capital management, evaluating capital investment decisions, evaluating least-cost operational alternatives, financial re-engineering and restructuring, cost reduction and cost control programmes, advice on seeking access to stock-exchange or the second-tier market, venture capital, management of the firm’s portfolio of financial investments, insolvency, export financing and international borrowing.


Non Current (Fixed Asset) Management

This service involves identification, enumeration and compilation of fixed assets registers. It also includes valuation of fixed assets and periodic updating.



  • Project Appraisal Supervision and Monitoring.
  • Preparation of Work Manuals for various operational centres / departments in the workplace.
  • Computerization of different aspects of work-place functions.