Developing Self-Esteem, Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness

Date Format Fees  
31 Jan - 03 Feb, 2023 Classroom ₦200,000 Register
23 May - 26 May, 2023 Classroom ₦200,000 Register
19 Sep - 22 Sep, 2023 Classroom ₦200,000 Register
31 Jan - 03 Feb, 2023 Classroom ₦200,000 Register

Event Details

This comprehensive programme allows delegates to develop strategies for "being all they can be", both inside and outside the working environment.  Delegates will learn about "behaviours" and develop techniques to help them Communicate more assertively, appear more confident, make positive first impressions and have the ability to Influence others and also understand the tactics involved with Negotiation.



Understanding Yourself and Others

  • How our “self-talk” creates our self-image and influences our behaviour
  • How our habits and attitudes influence our behaviour


Communicating Assertively

  • What Assertive Communication is and is not
  • How we should plan, structure and conduct Assertive Communication
  • Using Assertive Communication in a variety of situations


Projecting a Professional Image

  • Maximising our personal impact
  • Connecting with people and building rapport
  • Establishing our credibility in the eyes of others
  • Promoting and presenting ourselves effectively
  • Influencing other people’s perception of us
  • Maximising our personal power and influence
  • Making positive first impressions
  • Looking and sounding confident
  • Creating a sincere self-belief
  • Understanding the power of feedback
  • Understanding the power of our appearance


Influencing and Negotiating

  • Learning how to influence others
  • Understanding Influencing styles
  • Understanding the strategies and tactics of Negotiation
  • Planning and conducting Negotiations
  • Securing a Win/Win outcome


Building Personal and Professional Confidence

  • Greater awareness of your skills and talents
  • Confidence in handling difficult situations
  • Ability to self-manage and improve your behaviour
  • Overall confidence


Managing Stress

  • The causes and symptoms of stress
  • Approaches to managing our stressors



Secretaries, clerks, administrative and support staff, Team leaders, supervisors, section heads, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, and others who perform related duties in the workplace.



The training methodology combines lectures, discussions, group exercises and illustrations. Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics. The emphasis is on the practical application of the topics and as a result participant will go back to the workplace with both the ability and the confidence to apply the techniques learned to their duties.



1ST BATCH:                       31st Jan - 3rd Feb, 2023

2ND BATCH:                      23rd - 26th May, 2023    

3RD BATCH:                      19th - 22nd Sept, 2023

  • Venue

    Alpha Partners Professional Training Conference Centre. 200, Muritala Mohammed Way (3rd Floor), Yaba Lagos.

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