Service Level Agreements Workshop

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    14 Sep, 2021

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    17 Sep, 2021

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By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and draft a range of service level agreements & construct and control contract negotiations & disputes
  • Articulate how quality SLAs should be included within the Procurement processes
  • Negotiate service level agreements with internal and external suppliers
  • Document appropriate quality outcomes from service contracts
  • Evaluate the likely results from alternative service performance frameworks



Principles and functions of Service Level Agreements

  • The need to measure quality of performance
  • Why, when and how can SLAs help to achieve quality
  • Key Objectives
  • SLAs: Contracts or Contract substitutes?
  • Introducing SLAs for services bought in from contractors
  • Use of corporate SLAs between in-house departments


Key elements of a Service Level Agreements

  • What services are being measured?
  • Typical quality measures
  • SLA Governance Frameworks: Managing, measuring and reporting service performance
  • Duties of the customer
  • Risk sharing and SLAs: Managing problems
  • Termination of the agreement


Drafting your Service Level Agreement

  • Drafting principles
  • A model structure for the SLA
  • Essential elements of a quality SLA
  • Using appropriate measurement language
  • Carrots or sticks to encourage achievement
  • SLA checklists


Managing the in-life SLA      

  • Review processes
  • Using escalation to manage quality performance
  • Keeping the SLA relevant: Managing changes
  • Negotiation techniques to manage the variation
  • Customer intervention options with an underperforming contractor
  • Learning and applying lessons for the next SLA


Using a scorecard approach to SLA management

  • Origins of the scorecard approach
  • Aligning the SLA with the corporate strategy
  • Balancing the needs of stakeholders
  • Planning and Constructing a SLA scorecard
  • Key Performance indicators to support the SLA
  • Business process quality improvement



Legal Officers and others who perform related functions



The training methodology combines lectures, discussions, group exercises and illustrations. Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics. The emphasis is on the practical application of the topics and as a result participant will go back to the workplace with both the ability and the confidence to apply the techniques learned to their duties.



1ST BATCH               23rd – 26th Mar, 2021          

2ND BATCH              14th – 17th Sept, 2021           

Other Dates

Start Date End Date
23 Mar, 2021 26 Mar, 2021
Start Date End Date
14 Sep, 2021 17 Sep, 2021
  • Venue

    Alpha Partners Professional Training Conference Centre. 200, Muritala Mohammed Way (3rd Floor), Yaba Lagos.

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