Pumps and Pumping Systems Optimization Online Course

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    10:00am - 3:00pm

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    14 Jun, 2022 - 16 Jun, 2022

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By the end of this training course, participants will learn to:

  • Make the adequate selection of various types of pumps based on the application
  • Optimize the efficiency of operation of pumping systems
  • Analyze the problems in operation related to seals, bearings and flow control
  • Use the root cause analysis in detecting problems of pumping system & piping
  • Apply the best practices for maintenance, problem solving & troubleshooting



Overview of Pumps and Pump Design Elements

  • Overview of Centrifugal Pumps Based on Design and Application
  • Reciprocating and rotary positive displacement pumps
  • Main elements of centrifugal pump construction
  • Critical Pump Elements: Seals & Bearings
  • Pumps for special applications
  • Workshop: Examples and Problem Solutions


Centrifugal Pump Q-H Characteristics

  • Pump Characteristic Curve (Q-H) and selection of BEP
  • Calculation of Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
  • Cavitation Prevention and Suction Piping Design
  • Parallel & Series of Pumps in Operation
  • Pump Capacity Control Methods: Throttling, Speed Variation, etc.
  • Workshop: Examples and Problem Solutions


Pumping System Layout and Hydraulic Calculations

  • Principles of Piping Layout & Safety Requirements
  • Calculation of Friction Losses & Pressure Drop in piping systems
  • Pipe sizing based on Pumping Power requirements
  • Piping Load estimates: Stresses and Thermal movements
  • Pipe Vibrations and Support Systems Selection
  • Workshop: Examples and Problem Solutions


Pumping System Optimization

  • Pumping System Efficiency Analysis
  • Reasons for Inefficiency of Pumping Systems
  • Steps in Successful Pumping System Optimization
  • Pump Inspection, Control & Performance Testing
  • Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis
  • Workshop: Examples and Problem Solutions


Pump Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Installation, Commissioning and Start-Up of Pumping Systems
  • Importance of Proper Pump Alignment
  • Root Cause Analysis of Typical Pump Problems in Operation
  • Optimization of Maintenance Procedure of Pumping Systems
  • Troubleshooting of Problems in Operation
  • Summary & Conclusions



Works, Services and Maintenance Personnel



The training methodology combines lectures, discussions, group exercises and illustrations. Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics. The emphasis is on the practical application of the topics and as a result participant will go back to the workplace with both the ability and the confidence to apply the techniques learned to their duties.



1ST BATCH: 14th – 16th June, 2022

2ND BATCH: 28th – 30th Nov, 2022  

Other Dates

Start Date End Date
28 Nov, 2022 30 Nov, 2022
Start Date End Date
14 Jun, 2022 16 Jun, 2022

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