Advanced Social Safeguards Course

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    19 Apr, 2022

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    22 Apr, 2022

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The training is to enhance participant knowledge on development induced social issues related to the implementation of urban infrastructure projects in the cities and to introduce

the  concept  of  ‘social  safeguards’  to  address  those  social  issues  during  the  planning,  designing,

coordinating, managing and implementing  such  urban infrastructure  projects. The  training module will

raise awareness on social safeguard policies, best practices and operational guidelines globally practiced. 

The specific objectives of the training module are to raise awareness on social risks/issues and implications

of city infrastructure projects in various sectors; and creating a pathway to establish citywide safeguard

framework/plan and application of tools customizing to local conditions.


At the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate potential environmental and social risks and adverse impacts to Projects.
  • Identify actions to avoid, minimize, mitigate, offset or compensate for adverse environmental and social impacts.
  • Provide a mechanism for managing environmental and social risks and adverse impacts throughout the Project cycle.
  • Identify and manage environmental and social risks and adverse impacts.
  • Facilitate cooperation on environmental and social safeguard matters with joint-financing partners


  • development induced social issues and impacts
  • concept of social safeguards and existing practices
  • identification of social safeguard tools and their relevance
  • analysis of social safeguard plans/tools and their relevance
  • application of social safeguard concept, plans and tools in infrastructure project planning
  • challenges in implementing social safeguard measures infrastructure project planning
  • Social and environmental assessments: an inventory
  • Implementing safeguard policies in the project cycle
  • Concise presentation of the main operational safeguard policies of the World Bank
  • Legal and institutional framework for safeguards
  • Tools for social and environmental assessment
  • Results-based programs
  • Public Consultation,
  • Complaint Management and Communication
  • Failures, challenges and constraints of backups


1ST BATCH: 19TH – 22ND APRIL, 2022

2ND BATCH: 9TH – 12TH AUG, 2022

3RD BATCH: 29TH NOV – 2ND DEC, 2022

Other Dates

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19 Apr, 2022 22 Apr, 2022
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09 Aug, 2022 12 Aug, 2022
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29 Nov, 2022 02 Dec, 2022
  • Venue

    Alpha Partners Professional Training Conference Centre. 200, Muritala Mohammed Way (3rd Floor), Yaba Lagos.

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